Alexis was cited at least eight times for misconduct for

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water proof backpack View GraphicRead eyewitness accounts from the Navy Yard shooting.More details also emerged about Alexis’s highly checkered four year career as a Navy reservist, a period marked by repeated run ins with his military superiors and the law, including an incident in which he cursed repeatedly after being thrown out of a nightclub, according to documents and Navy officials.Alexis was cited at least eight times for misconduct for offenses as minor as a traffic ticket and showing up late for work but also as serious as insubordination and disorderly conduct, said a Navy official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the gunman’s personnel record. He did receive administrative punishments three times. The official could not detail the punishments, but discipline for such offenses could range from a loss in pay to reduction in rank.The Navy also gave Alexis an administrative sanction after he was arrested in DeKalb County, Ga., in 2008 and held for two nights in jail, the Navy official said. water proof backpack

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